Half a century of expertise

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„Steelworks." This is how the people of Gyöngyös referred to the first significant turnout factory which has been manufacturing in Gyöngyös since 1951. At the end of 1991 a joint venture was established named VAMAV Vasúti Berendezések Kft. 50% owned by MÁV (Hungarian State Railway) and the other 50% belonging to the Austrian VAE GmbH. This new situation enabled them to implement the high level European requirements and conditions necessary for exportable turnout production. Nowadays VAMAV Kft. is an experienced manufacturer of railway and other steel products.

Our mission is supplying the rail-guided transport companies with modern track structures and improving railway transport safety and competitiveness.

Our main activities are designing, producing, assembling and repairing of the railway track equipment, including turnouts and their parts, monoblocks and welded crossings, crossovers, insulated joints, switches and fastening materials.

Our aim is to strenghten our market position by continuous profitable activities and satisfying our customers. We would like to provide our employees with the possibility to improve themselves both financially and intellectually and ensure reasonable profit for our owners.

With the appearance of VAE came the ability to use the latest technologies. State-of-the art technologies give more drive to research and development as well. Development includes improving our production infrastructure and setting up the machine tools with modern computer control. We employ the best technicians and design engineers.

VAMAV has had strong attachments to Gyöngyös from the beginning. The Company has attended all of Gyöngyös' significant events. Gyöngyösi Játékszín, the famous Vidróczi folk dance group, and other sport teams were formed in the factory. The company and the city have a strong relationship as a result of these activities. After 1991 a new possibility presented itself. Gyöngyös and Zeltweg became twin towns assisted by the relationship with VAE GmbH.

The name of VAMAV Kft. means high quality products, great performance and close contact with partners to ensure that VAMAV remains a reliable partner for railroad companies for years to come.

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„We hope, that our cooperation helps you in the achievement of your business aims"