Grooved rail technology

VAMAV is a system provider and strategic partner in the areas of suburban traffic/grooved rails for turnouts, setting
systems, controls and signal systems. Consulting, planning, design, production, logistics, service and training – all from a
single source.

Complex systems and special solutions

Frequently complex systems are needed to cater for unusual track corridor angles, overlapping tramways or in particular areas such as yards or depots. These special solutions, including single and double Y tracks, X tracks, track harps, turnout series and special diamond crossings are well within VAMAV’s range of products and services.

Setting devices and turnout drives

Our turnout drive systems and components guarantee safe operation and meet or exceed the highest safety standards for classes SIL 4 (in terms of EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129) and SIL 3 (in terms of EN IEC 61508). Thanks to open interfaces, all components can be integrated into existing systems and adjusted to individual local needs.

Control and signalling

Open interfaces guarantee that the control equipment can be integrated into almost all existing systems and adjusted to individual customer requirements. By installing turnouts into a track layout which is controlled from one source, hardware costs are substantially reduced. Controlling and coordinating railway traffic require the highest degree of reliability. Our voestalpine SIGNALING signal equipment meets this requirement.

Intelligent system solutions from a single source